20% Off: Skits for Church, School, and ACE/FACCS!

Sale: Skits for ACE/FACCS!

If you attend a school associated with Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) or the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS), then you’re likely already planning for conventions next spring. Regional competitions start in March, and events like drama performances require months of preparation, which is why I’m now running a sale on all my skits for ACE and FACCS conventions!

This week only (through Saturday, Oct. 31, at midnight), all eight of my short scripts are 20% off. Now available for just $12.00 each, five of my skits are designed to meet ACE One-Act Play guidelines, and two of my skits fulfill guidelines for ACE Dramatic Dialogues. You don’t have to worry about changing a single detail: they meet time limits, they’re written for the right number of characters, they use KJV scripture references, and every other requirement for ACE skits is fulfilled. And as a bonus, several of my skits also meet guidelines for FACCS competitions!

Of course, my skits are suitable for other occasions as well. They can be used for youth groups or as sermon illustrations in church, or you can perform them at school for talent nights or other events. If you have a specific context in mind for a skit but aren’t sure whether one of my scripts would fit the event, just email me about it and I’ll be happy to exchange some ideas with you!

Below, you’ll find the rundown of all eight short scripts I currently offer for sale. I’ve only included the basic facts about each skit here, but if you click on the script’s title you’ll find more information.

Team Hero

Two young novelists are in for a surprise when their fictional heroes come alive…and go on strike!

Cast size: 5 performers (1F, 2M, 2 gender-neutral)

Meets ACE and FACCS One-Act Play guidelines

Narrow Escape

Three prisoners face a life-changing choice when a stranger announces he can guide them to freedom.

Cast size: 5 performers (all gender-neutral)

Meets ACE and FACCS One-Act Play guidelines

(Heartland Christian School won 4th place with “Narrow Escape” at the 2019 International ACE convention!)

Fun Your Way

Three young friends meet a street vendor advertising brands of “fun.” The price? Their time.

Cast size: 4-5 performers (all gender-neutral)

Meets ACE and FACCS One-Act Play guidelines

Really Remarkable Romance

When two sales reps from Soulmate Source Inc. show up at Jackie’s door, she thinks she’ll finally find Mr. Right.

Cast size: 4-5 performers (3F, 1M, 1 gender-neutral)

Meets ACE One-Act Play guidelines

It’s a Wonderful Talent

16-year-old Jordan’s guardian angel offers him the chance to switch places with his brilliant twin brother for a day.

Cast size: 3 performers (all gender-neutral)

Meets ACE and FACCS One-Act Play guidelines

Alternative Apologies

Lifestyle coaches Phoenix and Remy have three techniques to free us from ever having to apologize again!

Cast size: 2 performers (2F)

Meets guidelines for ACE Dramatic Dialogues and FACCS junior Duet Acting

One Man’s Treasure

Farmhand Eli discovers a treasure buried in a field and tries to convince his friend James to help him buy the land.

Cast size: 2 performers (both gender-neutral)

Meets guidelines for ACE Dramatic Dialogues and FACCS junior Duet Acting

Just Ask Pastor!

Pastor Paul and his wife Sara look forward to a rare, quiet day at home…but one church member can’t leave them alone!

Cast size: 3 performers (2F, 1M, optional extras)

(Not for ACE/FACCS, but suitable for a Pastor Appreciation service.)

You’re welcome to contact me or send an email to kittywham@gmail.com if you have questions about any of my skits for ACE and FACCS competitions. These short scripts will only be on sale for $12.00 now through Saturday at midnight (Oct. 31), so order this week to get 20% off your skit!

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