If you are looking for thoughtful, winsome, original Christian plays and skits, please check out Rachelle’s writings. I highly recommend them!

Eric Himelick, Director of Development and Urban Ministry at Evangelistic Faith Missions and Executive Director at Victory Inner-City Ministries, Inc.

The script [One Man’s Treasure] was perfect for our Easter service. Thank you for using the creative gifts God has given you to praise Him and make His name known! Emmanuel Christian School was blessed by the words of the script and the performance of the children!

Emmanuel Christian School, Oxford, United Kingdom

Rachelle Ferguson is a supremely gifted writer. I had the privilege of attending a live performance of Rejected: The Inside Story, and marveled at the depth and wisdom of her work. God has gifted this young lady in magnificent ways, and she’s using that gift to teach others. You’ll find her writing accessible, meaningful, and profoundly moving, and you’ll find yourself pondering what you’ve heard long after the curtain goes down.

Craig Lindvahl (1957-2020), executive director at the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship, award-winning filmmaker, educator, writer, and composer

I think you will find Rachelle’s plays purposeful as well as entertaining. They have the perfect blend of humor, suspense, and TRUTH! I’m excited to see how God will use this young lady in today’s hurting world.

Cindy Dice, home-educator and homemaker

This young lady writes with the understanding of an older person…one who has lived (and learned) a lot about life and human relationships! It’s really amazing! ….My family and I are blessed to have been a part of these dramas for so many years. They just keep getting better and better!!

Rebecca Hoard, drama director at Wesleyan Bible Holiness Church

The (Reimagined) Book of Daniel is delightfully entertaining with its addition of the ditsy Daria, the Queen. While clearly and passionately presenting Daniel’s faithfulness to his God, I especially enjoyed Rachelle’s insight that allowed the Bible characters to be real, very human and vulnerable, yet victorious, in the time of testing.

Rev. Blake Jones, pastor at Rock Lake Bible Methodist Church

Rejected was certainly a favorite! I love the unique and fresh take of the Christmas Story. The plot and characters are very enjoyable and not soon forgotten. It has everything a good drama needs—humor, seriousness, and a good punch.

Andrew, stage manager for the premiere production of Rejected: The Inside Story

Rachelle Ferguson makes it very easy for any family, co-op, or other group to use these plays.

Susan Reed, homeschooling mom and co-op leader

I’m always excited when encountering new ministry material, especially when the creator is a young person. Rachelle has an amazing gift for writing. Her dramas are thought-provoking in content, captivating in their application, and really quite enjoyable overall.

Steve Stetler (1960-2021), teacher, missionary, youth pastor

I had the distinct honor of watching two of Rachelle’s plays this summer (2018). The first was a modern version of several parables of Jesus. It was entitled Mr. Masters’ Absence. It was a splendid blending of several parables into a thought-provoking and heart-stirring story. Rachelle and her sister did a comedy skit [Alternative Apologies] that was very humorous but packed a powerful truth punch. I highly recommend her plays.

John A. Whitaker, Vice-President of Academic Affairs at Union Bible College

God has gifted His Church with many talented people. Rachelle Ferguson has been blessed with a talent for creative writing. Her drama about the Book of Daniel brings to life the story of Daniel in a way that is both captivating and convicting. If you are looking for a fresh way to share this powerful story of an uncompromising life, you will find it in her drama, The (Reimagined) Book of Daniel.

Dr. Michael Avery, Chancellor at God’s Bible School and College

When I see one of Rachelle Ferguson’s plays, I am often surprised by the impact that it has on me personally.  Through the use of humor and compelling plots I lose myself in the story, lowering walls and allowing the presented truth to pierce my heart.  Weaving Biblical truth through the text allows God to partner with this writer to bring the audience to an internal choice.  My life has been changed by choosing to apply the truth I have learned as a result of Rachelle’s work.

Joana Stratton, Education Department Chair at Hobe Sound Bible College

Rachelle Ferguson’s dramas combine qualities that are vital to communicating biblical truth to our world: a commitment to God’s Word and a creative approach to communicating that truth. Her plays combine humor, biblical truth, and convicting themes. Both performers and audience will be blessed by these productions.

Dr. Randall McElwain, Discipleship/Teaching pastor at Hobe Sound Bible Church

I have attended several Christmas dramas written by Rachelle Ferguson. Rachelle incorporates humor and Christian values into each production. From the cast to the staging the performances at her home church are always first class! Her dramas are very creative and original.

Pastor Calvin Jean, The Apostolic Church of Salem

I have found the Wesleyan Church’s Christmas dramas to be a highlight of the Christmas season. The acting is great; the story-line enjoyable. I have attended several of their plays and have never been disappointed.

Dr. J. Andy DeWitt, senior pastor at Salem First Baptist Church