Discipleship through Drama

Kittywham Productions LLC was founded in 2015 because we saw a need. A need for drama that looks at people and their messy relationships through the clarifying lens of Truth. Our vision is to help meet that need by publishing scripts that portray life’s real struggles and offer real solutions founded on God’s Living Word.

We strive to create stories with passion and purpose—drama that delights while it ponders what the Christian life means. We want to tell the truth in fresh, relatable ways, mingling humor with honesty and enthusiasm with insight.

These are our Plays with a Punch™. Scripts that captivate, connect, and finally “bring the audience to an internal choice” (Joana Stratton, Hobe Sound Bible College). We hope our words speak to the hearts of your cast and crew and, through them, to your community.

The Writer

Playwright Rachelle Ferguson loves theatre because it shows us who we are and who we could be. In 2017, she graduated summa cum laude from Hillsdale College with a Bachelor of Arts in English and classical studies. She now writes scripts, stories, and the odd poem and privately teaches Latin and English. Read her full bio here.