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Birthday Flash Sale: SAVE 66% on Skits!

Today is a special date here at Kittywham Productions…. It’s our company birthday! In fact, this year marks our “golden birthday”—we’re celebrating six years of Kittywham Productions on the 6th of July!

To mark the occasion, we’re hosting a 24-hour sale on all of the skits we currently offer in our online shop!

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20% Off: Skits for Church, School, and ACE/FACCS!

If you attend a school associated with Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) or the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS), then you’re likely already planning for conventions next spring. Regional competitions start in March, and events like drama performances require months of preparation, which is why I’m now running a sale on all my skits for ACE and FACCS conventions!

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Free Excerpt from Dramatic Dialogue “One Man’s Treasure”

Of all our skits and short plays, I think I’d say our Dramatic Dialogue One Man’s Treasure is my favorite, if I had to pick. I love pulling stories from the pages of Scripture and imagining them on a stage, and One Man’s Treasure does just that. Inspired by one of Christ’s shortest parables (a single verse!) in Matthew […]

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New! Dramatic Dialogue (A.C.E. Qualified)

Just two months into 2018, and we’re already releasing our fourth script for this year! Brand new today is One Man’s Treasure, our shortest play yet. One Man’s Treasure is the first in our new line of Dialogues, one-scene plays with just two characters. This short drama runs about 5 minutes and meets A.C.E. (Accelerated […]

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