Have the Kittywham plays been performed before?

Yes, all of our dramas have been staged. Many of the pictures posted on the various pages of our website come from past productions.

Do you have recordings of past performances?

We do have a DVD recording of a production ofDVD-Rejected Rejected: The Inside Story available for $10.00 plus shipping. If you’re interested, please just contact us and we can arrange to ship a DVD to you.

What is a “flexible” cast?

By “flexible,” we mean that a play’s set of characters allows for doubling, making it possible for casts of various sizes to perform the drama. For instance, Narrow Escape includes four characters that appear only in the play’s first scene, so the actors portraying those characters could also play characters that only appear later in the drama. As a result, although the play features 19 different characters, it can be performed by a cast of as few as 15 actors.

If you’re interested in one of our dramas but you need to know exactly how “flexible” the cast is, feel free to send us a message or email us, and we can explain how many cast members (and, more specifically, how many actors of each gender) the play requires.

Are your plays meant to be performed by children, teens, adults, or a mixture? Does it matter what the age range of my cast is?

Although the criteria vary from play to play (and from character to character), in general our dramas are easily adaptable to casts of different age ranges. Our longer plays, such as The Twelve Months of Christmas and Rejected, may be too heavy and require too much memorization for a very young cast, but both are quite manageable for young adults, and even young teens and preteens. Some of the characters have been performed in past productions by cast members as young as twelve. Both plays are entirely suitable for performance by adults as well, as are Narrow Escape and Padlock Homes and the Case of the Missing Splinter. Padlock Homes is quite flexible in this respect, short and light enough to be performed by children or teenagers, but equally fitting for a somewhat older cast. The Gift varies among its individual characters, with some roles more easily played by younger actors and others by older ones. You can look at the play’s character list for more details. Please contact us if you have specific questions.

Can I read the whole script before I make up my mind whether to buy a play?

We do sometimes allow customers to read an entire script, depending on the circumstances and the customer’s interest. Sadly, even though we serve a Christian market, copyright violation (i.e., theft) is a real risk we have to keep in mind. Since we’re forced to be cautious with the material we make available, we prefer to make this decision on an individual basis. If you’re interested in a particular drama and would like to read through the whole play, please contact us and we will do our best to work something out for you.

Are your scripts digital or printed?

Our scripts are professionally printed by Gossett Printing, Inc. IMG_2127_edited-1When you buy one of our dramas, you’ll receive a package in the mail containing a number of paperback scripts (and your performance license).

May I make changes to a script after I purchase it?

We do permit our customers to make minimal adjustments as needed for their productions, but only very slight changes. For instance, if you purchase Rejected and do not intend to perform it at Christmastime, your cast members may alter or omit one or two lines in which characters make reference to Christmas. The plot, characters, and message of the play remain the same with the adjustments, so we have no objection to that kind of change. But since we require that you acknowledge Rachelle Ferguson as the playwright, we ask that you remain faithful to the script in all but minor details. If you would like to make any substantial changes, please contact us and obtain our express consent before doing so.

Can I buy extra copies of the script for stagehands, sound engineers, etc.?

Yes, if you have already purchased the full script package for the drama. If you need any additional scripts, simply contact us explaining for whom you need the extra copy, and you can purchase however many you need at $5.00 per script.

How many times may I perform the play I’ve bought?

When you place an order for any of our plays, you select one of three options: our lowest priced option for each script only grants you permission to present a single performance of the drama. If you want to give multiple performances of the play, you can instead choose the medium or highest priced options, which you permission to perform the drama twice or three times, respectively. If you plan to give more than three performances, we ask that you contact us to arrange an appropriate price. This flexible pricing system exists to ensure that the playwright receives royalty fees for each and every presentation of their script, as is their legal right. However many performances you plan to give, all must occur within a year of your purchase.

May I charge admission?

Yes. Our price for the script package and license is exactly the same whether or not you charge admission for your performance/s.

Are any of your plays musicals?

None of the dramas that we currently have available for purchase are musicals. We are, however, interested in offering original Christian musicals eventually…so stay tuned for further developments!

I can’t find an answer to my question; how can I get in touch with you to get an explanation?

You can send us an email at kittywham@gmail.com, submit your question through our Contact page, or just send Rachelle a message on Facebook! Use whatever method is easiest for you, and we’ll get your question answered as quickly as we can, typically within 12 hours.