“The Old Schoolhouse” Review of Kittywham Productions


A big thank you to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, and particularly to reviewer Susan Reed! Susan is a homeschooling mom and co-op leader who used our scripts Narrow Escape and Really Remarkable Romance with her daughters and students, and she reviewed us for The Old Schoolhouse’s database of resources for homeschoolers.

She writes, “My family used Really Remarkable Romance in a family drama night. The script has five characters and it was perfect for our family of five. After reading through the script with our three daughters, we were able to apply Biblical truths and use this play to teach the importance of guarding our hearts.”

About Narrow Escape she says, “Many students enjoyed the humor, and it was great to see a couple of them come out of their comfort zone to act out roles they would not normally perform.”

Susan also gives details about each play’s storyline and message, and she concludes, “Rachelle Ferguson makes it very easy for any family, co-op, or other group to use these plays.”

Thanks so much, Susan! To read her full review, just head over to our page on The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s website.

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