Narrow Escape, Abridged: New A.C.E. One-Act Play!


We are super excited about our new release today: a 10-minute version of our drama Narrow Escape! Narrow Escape has always been one of our favorite plays, with its classic, vivid allegory of bondage and freedom told through a group of prisoners and a mysterious Guide. So when a shortened version of this drama was requested, we were thrilled with the opportunity to offer our beloved story in a new format.

Our abridged Narrow Escape retains the original plot and theme but with only five characters and two short scenes. This new Narrow Escape also fulfills A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) convention guidelines for One-Act Plays, so if your school is planning to compete this spring with a drama performance, this script will meet all your criteria! The casting is flexible, with four of the five characters able to be performed by either male or female actors, and only a few props are required.

As a One-Act Play, Narrow Escape is available for just $20 in our Shop, and the PDF script is delivered by email upon purchase, so that you can make as many copies as you need for your own drama team. If you’re interested but want to read the script before buying, feel free to contact us! We can send you a preview copy of the entire one-act play so you can read it for yourself before you make up your mind.

Learn more details about Narrow Escape (abridged) here!



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