Stars and Stripes

Patriotic TeeGo watch fireworks. Take your family. Celebrate freedom and a place to call home.

In other news, I’m sporting my semi-patriotic Kittywham shirt in the office today (red, white, and blue, you know…and the “punch” looks explosion-ish, right?). I’m not writing a real post today because July 4th. Be back next week with a Super Big Announcement that’s almost as exciting as fireworks. At least to me. And I really like fireworks.

Till then!

P.S. In the spirit of the holiday, I made a cake. Ended up looking more like a gender-reveal cake than a patriotic cake, because eventually I was done trying to get my pink icing any redder. But, you know. It was fun. Stars and stripes for EVER.


2 thoughts on “Stars and Stripes

  1. Is there a piece of cake left? 🙂
    Anxious for the news!!

    1. It’s almost gone, haha!
      Excited to share. 😉


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