New Christmas Script, Coming July 24!



Cynthia: Hello, son.
Luke: [cheerfully] How’s the old girl doing?
Cynthia: [looks at him reproachfully over her glasses] Son, I am not an old girl. I’m an old woman. And not all that old either. Luke, baby, we’ve talked about this.
Luke: [raising an eyebrow] I’m sorry. Was that the time we also talked about “Luke, baby”?
Cynthia: Oh yes. I’m sorry, baby, I forgot.


Today, finally, I can tell you about the new addition to our family of plays! We’re releasing a brand new Christmas drama this month! The scripts are currently in production, and they’ll be available here in just two weeks.


Christmas at The Three Bees is our longest script so far, just beating The Twelve Months of Christmas by a few pages. The play features a cast of twelve characters and lasts about 100 minutes in performance. It’s divided into five scenes, but it only requires two sets, between which it alternates.

Check out this synopsis:


I’m excited to tell you more, but I’ll save it for release day on July 24th. For now, enjoy these photos from last December’s premiere of the play, as well as the short excerpted lines I’ve included at the start and end of this post. Stay tuned for more details in two weeks!



Joy: I don’t think the world is small. I think I’m small, and the world is huge. [downcast] But it doesn’t have room for me.
Luke: [kneels down beside her] It doesn’t have room for any of us—we weren’t made for it. It didn’t even have room for Godremember?
Joy: Why? Because God’s too big?
Luke: No. [pauses] Because He was too small.


P.S. Have we mentioned it’s almost convention time? The fifth and final Great Homeschool Convention of 2018 happens next week in St. Charles, Missouri, and Kittywham Productions will be there! Check out all the details here, from the schedule and registration info to descriptions of the many dozens of speakers and exhibitors.

Hope to see you in St. Louis!