Vote! What Content Would Interest You?


Happy Tuesday, friends. I hope we’ve all started this week strong!

I’ve been sifting through my mental filing cabinet labeled “blog” lately, sorting through reams of ideas for posts. As I’ve searched and arranged, I’ve chosen several paths we might pursue here focusing on specific kinds of writing or topics related to drama. The question is, which path would be the most interesting, most helpful?

And the obvious people to ask are you, my readers. If you have a moment to share your opinion, I’d be grateful if you’d cast your vote here. What type of blog content would you find most valuable?

You can select as many options as you like in this poll, but it’s most helpful if you limit your vote to no more than two or three selections. And feel free to offer a suggestion of your own if you have something in mind I haven’t listed. Thanks in advance for your input!