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Siblings, Real and Imagined

I love siblings. Especially this one. She’s the best. (The one on the left.)

Siblings are also some of my favorite kinds of people to imagine.

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What I’ve Been Reading: January, February, March 2019

I think spring just sprang. (Finally!) I love my cardigans and fuzzy socks, but at the moment I’m all in for this change of season. Bring on the warm afternoons, the green rains, and all the breezes, blooms, and birdsongs! Now that April has arrived, I’ve come to the reluctant realization that a quarter of […]

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A Toddler in a Lion Suit: Cultivating Dreams

White sheets for snow, Christmas tree skirts for capes, a tent for a cave. The White Witch in a wedding dress, and a three-year-old Aslan in a lion suit.

I was reminiscing last week as I rewatched video recordings of some of the first plays I ever acted in.

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Imitate Me: Faramir, Fanny, and Other Characters I Loved

When I first read The Lord of the Rings in junior high, Faramir was probably my favorite character. I admired his quiet faithfulness, humility, courage, and care for others. Moreover, I felt I could relate to him as a younger sibling with an extraordinary, high-achieving older sibling, especially since, at that time, I was battling feelings of insecurity and […]

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22 Things I Learned as a 22-Year-Old

This week I turn 23, so I decided to take some time to trace the last year and come up with a list of various things I learned (or discovered, or experienced for the first time) while I was 22. I’ll admit, I stole this idea from another blogger (from whom I’ve been reading for…eight […]

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This Year, “Make Perfect Your Will”

Writer and teacher Jonathan Rogers shared a perceptive, persuasive short post on his blog at the close of 2018, encouraging his readers to approach the new year with a new mindset—one that prioritizes “process” over “results.” Though his post was chiefly aimed at writers, I think his insight applies to us all. I recommend his […]

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One Year in the Dragonfly Study Center!

In 2017, we officially moved into our new office building on the first Monday in November—one year ago today! It’s crazy to think that twelve months have passed since then and to look back at year-old pictures and see how much the building has changed. I put together a 60-second video with lots of pictures […]

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National Author's Day

National Author’s Day 2018

Ever heard of National Author’s Day? Me neither, until recently. About a week ago, I learned that November 1st is a national holiday set aside to honor authors, and right away I knew I wanted to celebrate it here on the blog. Put simply, the stories I read as I grew up shaped my soul. […]

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Poem: “The Month of August”

August always feels like a fast, flurried month. No holiday gives it special significance; summer is practically over, autumn rushing in to take its place. It’s a month of transition, and as such, I find it easy to overlook. August acts as a kind of bridge between vacation season and study season, rather than being […]

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Stars and Stripes

Go watch fireworks. Take your family. Celebrate freedom and a place to call home. In other news, I’m sporting my semi-patriotic Kittywham shirt in the office today (red, white, and blue, you know…and the “punch” looks explosion-ish, right?). I’m not writing a real post today because July 4th. Be back next week with a Super […]

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