Ask the Actor: Ana Owens

Fifteen-year-old Ana Owens performed in a production of my play Narrow Escape last summer. She played the role of Kendall, a rather ditzy, oblivious prisoner who refuses to follow the Guide to freedom unless she can take with her the chain that binds her. Ana enjoyed her experience with the drama, and she was kind enough to take the time to answer my questions. Thanks so much, Ana!

Describe your character’s personality: My character was an airhead who was very materialistic. Her attachment to “fluffy pretty handcuffs” got in her way when the guide came to lead her out.

What was the biggest challenge for you in playing this character? The hardest thing for me wasn’t anything with acting, but more the realization that I have been like her. It’s so easy to let other things take priority over God, and I was beginning to see where I had let things creep in, in my life.

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What did you most enjoy about your character? My favorite part about playing my character was that I got to have fun and make jokes about the airheaded girl while also showing, what I feel can happen to many of us, even if it isn’t as exaggerated. It shows that we can let other materials, activities, and/or even people take place over God.

About the play as a whole? I loved the play because it’s such an easy way to connect to people even without them noticing, and the play this year showed so many different ways we can act. I loved how it showed how God persists in trying to reach out to us even when we think we know the way on our own. My favorite part was at the end when he promises he will return to try again.

What is something you learned from the play? The play opened my eyes and made me look at myself to see if I was falling into one if not more of these character types.

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