Update + Sale Extended!

Well, after having gone AWOL for two weeks I’m finally back! Yesterday I took my last two final exams of the semester, which officially brings to a close my junior year at Hillsdale College.

I think I want my summer to look like this.

All the upperclassmen told me when I was a freshman that the time would fly; sometimes I believed them and sometimes I didn’t. While there certainly have been many occasions when I felt that the days were dragging by, now I can look back and wonder how on earth it has been just three years!

That said, I am so excited for this summer and all the plans I have for teaching, reading, and writing over the next few months. I’ll be giving private music and Latin lessons, researching in preparation for my senior English thesis on Dickens’s novel Our Mutual Friend, and working on a few poems and short stories I have in mind. I’m also beginning to draft a new drama that I’m very much looking forward to spending time on and developing during the next couple of weeks. More details on that to come.

Meanwhile, we’re extending our 40% discount from the Interchurch Holiness Convention in April! Check out the individual webpages of our plays to see the current sale prices. If you’re searching for a drama for your kids or youth to perform at your summer camp or church, now is the time to take a look at our plays Rejected and Narrow Escape! These dramas are not only fresh and fun-filled, but they also dig deep into the truths of human and divine nature, exploring the Christian walk with God and speaking to both the audience and the cast members who work to bring the story to life.

When you purchase one of our dramas you receive a complete package of scripts — individual paperback copies for every actor and the director — as well as a license agreement giving you permission to present up to four performances of the drama. We also have DVD recordings of a past production of Rejected available for just $10.00, so if you want to find out the full story of that play, just email or message us and we can arrange to ship you a copy. We’d love to hear from you, so please contact us if you have any questions!


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