Feature: Anne Begin

10409296_10152494227132190_611887030561604867_n (282x395)A California native, junior Anne Begin is a double major in Latin and Greek at Hillsdale College. In addition to being an amazing classicist, Annie continually astounds me with her skill as a violinist and her flexibility with various styles of music, ranging from classical to jazz to fiddle music. She’s humble and hardworking, and I’m so grateful to work alongside her in the Classics and Music departments.

Why I came to Hillsdale: I came to Hillsdale because I very much appreciate the general worldview and approach to education. I also came because I recognized that the faculty were not interested in merely pouring facts into the heads of their students, or giving them “practical” training for future careers, but they are interested in teaching us how to think for ourselves and how to learn.

Campus involvement: I’m involved in various musical ventures, such as orchestra and recitals. I am also vice-president of the Classics Honorary, Eta Sigma Phi, which sponsors several campus-wide events. I have also been a part of the swing scene on campus ever since the beginning of freshman year.

Career aspirations: I’d like to contribute something meaningful to the world, and that may be through my research as an academic, or through a career of teaching. I enjoy interacting with others and sharing knowledge, so through a teaching career I may touch many lives in a truly lasting and meaningful way.

Post-graduate plans: I hope to attend graduate school for classics, so I can eventually earn a doctorate and teach. Ideally, I’d love to return to Hillsdale to teach as a professor.

Hobbies: Reading, writing about literature, exercise and nutritional science, and swing dancing.

A favorite work of literature: The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. I have never appreciated any work more profoundly than this. It manages to communicate some of the most deeply-held truths about humanity simply by telling a story. The depth of knowledge and learning behind the story are staggering, and I find it endlessly fascinating to follow the intellectual rabbit trails that Tolkien left behind. It’s far more than a mere story; it is a portrait of humanity and the epic struggle we all face in life.