Narrow Escape: Available Now!

1970 02 03_0871We are so excited! Narrow Escape is finally printed and ready for purchase.

This allegorical drama portrays the willfulness of human nature and man’s reluctance to surrender the chains that bind him, yet it also demonstrates the good news that anyone can find freedom in following Christ Jesus.

Unlike our Christmas dramas, Narrow Escape (as well as Rejected) can be performed at any time of the year, at churches, camps, schools, or colleges. It has the biggest cast of any of our dramas, with 19 characters in all. (With a smaller group of actors, some cast members could double as two characters.)

When you order the play, it comes in a package of 20 printed scripts — one for each cast member and one for the play director. Also with your order, you receive a license allowing your theater group to perform the drama up to four times, with or without charging admission.

Click here to learn about pricing and other details, and email us at if you have any questions!



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