Feature: Heather Woodhouse

Heather_WoodhouseMeet my marvelous friend Heather Woodhouse. Majoring in both English and Music, Heather is a sophomore at Hillsdale College. She is a wonderful writer and flute player, and I love hanging out with her and working together with her in orchestra, in the Hillsdale Camerata, and on the Tower Light editorial board.

Why I came to Hillsdale: I applied to many schools… At first I wanted to go to Pepperdine or Whitworth, and visited both, as well as other schools in California. I am not a very decisive person, so it came down to the last day that I could possibly decide. I was torn between Montana state, where I had a great scholarship, and Hillsdale. I actually chose Montana State and then my parents talked me out of it. They believed the cost of Hillsdale was worth the better education that I would receive. Also, after visiting Montana State I didn’t feel like it was a great place for an English major to be. I visited Hillsdale once, because two friends from my high school in Alaska went to Hillsdale. I loved it. The rest is history. Hillsdale was a solid choice. I have never regretted it.

Campus involvement: Tower Light editorial board, Orchestra, Flambe Flute Ensemble, Camerata, Wind Symphony, Jazz Combo, job as monitor in Howard Music Building, flute teacher, Adopt-A-Grandparent volunteering, Bible study leader in Mauck dormitory.

Career aspirations: To play and teach flute as much as possible. To write and read fiction as much as possible.

Summer plans: I hope to return to Interlochen Arts Camp and be a counselor again, at least for a few weeks. I am looking into flute or orchestra festival opportunities and will be submitting auditions by this February. With any free time, I’d like to return to Solid Rock Bible Camp in Alaska and be a counselor again.

Hobbies: Writing (find my blog at http://denouementmispronounced.blogspot.com/), flute playing, Table Tennis, baking, beating my brothers at board games and role playing games, drinking coffee, playing alto saxophone and piano.

A favorite work of literature: The Picture of Dorian Gray