Category: Short Plays

“Really Remarkable Romance” Script Excerpt

Does the title “Really Remarkable Romance” sound a little cheesy (or super cheesy)? It should! This short play’s power comes from its integration of light comedy with cutting insight, a blend that ultimately uncovers the hard truth about human selfishness and our ability to believe an illusion. Today we’re sharing a sneak peek of the […]

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“Fun Your Way” Excerpt + New Script!

Today we’re sharing a sneak peek of our new short play script Fun Your Way. First, to give you an idea of what the play is about, here’s the description from its web page: Three young friends meet a street vendor advertising various brands of “fun.” The price? Their time. It seems a simple exchange, but […]

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Short Plays (A.C.E. qualified)

Today’s the day! I can finally introduce you to our new short play scripts! These compact dramas have a running time of 5-10 minutes and feature just 3-5 characters. The casting is designed for flexibility, and the sets and props are simple. What’s more, these scripts fulfill the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) convention guidelines for One-Act Plays. […]

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