Short Plays (A.C.E. qualified)

Today’s the day! I can finally introduce you to our new short play scripts!


These compact dramas have a running time of 5-10 minutes and feature just 3-5 characters. The casting is designed for flexibility, and the sets and props are simple.

What’s more, these scripts fulfill the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) convention guidelines for One-Act Plays. If you work at an A.C.E. school, have you ever gained a few gray hairs trying to find or write a script for convention that is the right length, has the right number of characters and scenes, and carries a meaningful message?

We want to eliminate that painful process! These short plays meet every A.C.E. specification and pack as much of a punch as our full-length dramas do.

Right now, we have two new scripts available for purchase, Fun Your Way and Really Remarkable Romance. (More are already in the works!) You can find these two plays in our Store and read their details. Both are allegories, working in the tradition of parables, and invite the audience members to stretch their minds and think about their lives in new ways.

Rather than being printed and mailed like our full-length plays, our short scripts are delivered via email as a PDF document that you can print yourself. This gives you the convenience of printing as many copies as your cast and crew needs, without having to contact us and pay an extra fee for additional copies. Our new performance license is also designed for simplicity: for the single price of $20 you buy the script and the right to perform it as often as you want within one year from the date of your purchase.

So check out Fun Your Way and Really Remarkable Romance, and tell us what you think! If you think you might be interested in purchasing one of them but want to read the script before buying, just contact us. We can send you a preview copy of the entire play so you can read it for yourself before you make up your mind!

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