“Fun Your Way” Excerpt + New Script!

Fun Your Way (2)

Today we’re sharing a sneak peek of our new short play script Fun Your Way. First, to give you an idea of what the play is about, here’s the description from its web page:

Three young friends meet a street vendor advertising various brands of “fun.” The price? Their time. It seems a simple exchange, but while one of the young people shows interest in the vendor’s wares, the other two have misgivings.

This allegorical play gravely contemplates where and why we spend our time, but without labeling specific activities as good or bad. Rather, in the tradition of parables, Fun Your Way demands rigorous self-examination, applicable to many areas of our lives.

With that setup, here’s the opening of Scene One, where we see the three young people—Taylor, Carson, and Reese—meeting the Vendor who sells “fun.”


[The Vendor, looking bored, sits at a booth surrounded by signs saying things like “Have Fun Your Way,” “Fun You Can’t Get Enough Of,” “It’s the Real* Thing,” “Sweet Treats, Wild Rides,” and “I’m Cravin’ It.” Bottles of soda, jumbo-size candy bars, and other cheap junk foods are laid out across the table. Taylor, Carson, and Reese stroll on stage together, chatting comfortably, and when the Vendor sees them, he snaps to attention.]

Taylor: [seeing booth] Hey, this looks interesting.

Carson: [slightly dubious, but still cheerful] I guess so.

Taylor: [to Vendor] What are you selling?

Vendor: Fun!

Reese: Fun?

Vendor: [points to sign, word by word] “Fun Your Way!”

Taylor: [interested, looking over the wares] You’ve got a nice variety here.

Vendor: Any flavor you want, we’ve got it! [pointing out different products] Here’s Food & Drink, Movies & TV, Social Media, Sports & Recreation, and Travel. [pointing out the drinks] We’ve also got Competition, Chills & Thrills, Humor—

Carson: What do these cost?

Vendor: Oh, not much—just a little bit of your time. A few minutes, half-an-hour for the biggest size. That’s it.

Taylor: Doesn’t sound too bad.

Vendor: Right—the cost is so small, I mean…you’ve got 24 hours in a day, what’s fifteen minutes?

Reese: But Taylor, this is junk Fun. Look, [holding up one of the soda bottles, reads] “Artificially Flavored.”

Vendor: Hey! [takes the bottle away from her, nervous] You’re not supposed to read that.

Reese: [rolls eyes and turns away] Don’t waste your time.

If you’re interested in this short play but want to read further before making a purchase, just contact us at this link or send an email to kittywham@gmail.com! We can send you a preview copy of the complete script so that you can read it before deciding whether to buy.

Finally, lest the suspense undo you…yes! You read this post’s title correctly. We’re releasing a new script in a few days! It’ll be number three in our new line of short plays, and, just like Fun Your Way and Really Remarkable Romance, this script is 100% compatible with A.C.E. convention guidelines for One-Act Plays.

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