Pastor Appreciation Skit: “Just Ask Pastor!”


October is just around the corner (how is that possible??), which means Pastor Appreciation Day is coming up soon! And oddly enough, my skit for Pastor Appreciation has become my number one bestselling script. Who knew? I guess a lot of churches enjoy putting together a short program that’s lighthearted but honors the hard work and dedication of their pastor, and if so, then my skit Just Ask Pastor! fits perfectly in that context.

Just Ask Pastor! is a sweet, comic skit that thanks pastors for their patience and service. It’s written for three main characters (2 female, 1 male), and the skit runs 6-10 minutes in performance. Plus, the casting is flexible: if you want to involve more people, there’s room for several extras, but only three performers are strictly necessary.

Here’s a quick description of what happens in this pastor appreciation skit:

Pastor Paul and his wife Sara look forward to a rare, quiet day at home…but one church member can’t leave them alone! Gloria calls with question after question, until the surprising reason for her calls is finally revealed.

If you’re working to put something together to celebrate your pastor this year (the special day is October 11, 2020, just two weeks away!), check out Just Ask Pastor! and it might fit what you’re looking for! You can read the script’s opening pages here on our blog to get a feel for the skit before you decide whether to buy. Just Ask Pastor! is available right here in the Shop (and you can get a 10% discount if you want to subscribe to my email newsletter here).

Other questions about this pastor appreciation skit? Just message me through my Contact Page or send an email to and I’ll get your question answered ASAP!

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