Back-to-School Sale: All scripts 30% off this week!


Hey, friends, I’m running a sale on all my scripts this week! For those of you planning this year’s school play or your church’s Christmas drama, I have almost 20 scripts available in the Shop, and they’re all 30% off through Saturday at midnight!

If you’re a school drama director looking for a play for your students to perform this academic year, here are my scripts for teen actors I’d recommend:

Narrow EscapeNarrow Escape

Prisoners face a life-changing choice when a stranger appears among them, claiming he can guide them across a minefield to freedom.

Running Time: 40-45 minutes

Cast size: 15-19 performers


Rejected: The Inside StoryRejected: The Inside Story

An author finds herself inside her own mystery novel—and her characters put her on trial.

Running Time: 60 minutes

Cast size: 12-14 performers


League of Heroes script coverLeague of Heroes

A group of seven aspiring novelists are in for a surprise when their fictional heroes come to life…and go on strike.

Running Time: 40-45 minutes

Cast size: 15-22 performers (customizable!)


The Return of Ben MorgensternThe Return of Ben Morgenstern

It’s December 1872, and a ship’s crew rescues a castaway with a mysterious history. (Best performed during the fall semester.)

Running Time: 100-120 minutes

Cast size: 11-25 performers (customizable!)


Mr. Masters' AbsenceMr. Masters’ Absence

Four of Jesus’ parables are woven into one story and transported into a contemporary office setting.

Running Time: 45-50 minutes

Cast size: 11-16 performers


The (Reimagined) Book of DanielThe (Reimagined) Book of Daniel

Four young captives in a kingdom of violence must rely on their friendship and their faith in God to pull them through intense trials.

Running Time: 40-45 minutes

Cast size: 14-19 performers


Feel free to email me at with any questions about these or my other scripts! You can also learn lots more about each drama on its own product page (just click the images above to find those pages).

If you’re looking for other types of scripts, I’ve got many other options! Check out my selection of Christmas dramas right here in the Shop. Or if you’re interested in comic skits for youth groups or other events, follow this link to browse all my short scripts for 2-5 performers. Everything’s on sale this week only, so order before this Saturday (August 22) at midnight to get 30% off your script!


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