Narrow Escape, performed by Heartland Christian School

You know what my favorite part of being a playwright is? It’s actually when the script is out of my hands and in the care of a drama team. Especially a team of teenagers, who bring the story to life with care and energy and conviction.

I was delighted to get to attend Heartland Christian School‘s performance of my play Narrow Escape last weekend, and I mean it when I say their production was extraordinary. The cast and crew worked together to give a vivid, compelling performance that communicated powerfully and moved the audience. Thank you, Heartland, for your long, hard labor that yielded such a stirring production!

They live-streamed the performance on Facebook, and you can watch the video here.


Thanks to dozens of photos taken during the performance, I’ve also updated our Kittywham Productions page on Pinterest! We added over 70 new pictures this week, mostly to our Narrow Escape board. Whether you’re producing one of our dramas or a different play, our Pinterest page exists to inspire you with ideas for sets, costumes, and more. Check out our boards and, if you’re interested in the art of drama, follow our page so that you’re notified when we add new pins!

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P.S. Next week is our big convention week, when we travel to Ohio for the Dayton Interchurch Holiness Convention, April 23-25, and then the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, April 25-27! It’s going to be a crazy, crammed week, but we are excited for both conventions and hope to see some of you there!