2.2.18 Office Update

Lovely new rolling chairs and coat stand

In November (three months ago already!), we introduced our new office space and gave a mini tour. As you might imagine, we’ve continued to improve the place since then, bit by bit. We figured it was time to share a few pictures of what’s new!

November to February

We’ve hung our official Kittywham Productions banner, and you can see we’ve traded our white folding chairs for sleek, comfy office chairs, which have been a perfect fit. (I like them so much I’m using one at my computer instead of my big old desk chair!)

One of my map-loving Latin students thought I needed globes, and I think it was a good idea!
Writing burns a lotta calories
Walls looking a little less bare
Agatha Christie, anyone?

Above, the beautiful wood-hanging was a gift from my uncle, who was able to take a “useless” piece of timber destroyed by ants and fashion it into a work of art! When translated from Latin into English, the inscription reads, “Truly, therefore, I know the thoughts which I think over you,” from Jeremiah 29:11.

I don’t have pictures of our new printer or microwave (didn’t think they’d be that interesting…), but I did take one of our reading nook that’s now equipped with pillows!

Funnily, our new pillows each have a special connection: the bicycle pillow was used in the premiere of my most recent Christmas drama, as was my little blue couch (you can see them both in the picture below from the performance). The bright round pillow is extra special—a surprise birthday gift from a dear friend who sent it all the way from Georgia!

Hope you enjoyed the update! What do you think of the changes?

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  1. Everything looks great! Thanks for the update.


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