January 2018: News [and Other News]

You may have noticed the Great Homeschool Conventions logo that appeared in our blog’s sidebar several weeks back, with the dates “April 12-14” above it. In which case, you may have already guessed: Kittywham Productions will be at the Cincinnati homeschool convention this spring! In fact, we’re going to two homeschool conventions this year. We’ll have our booth at the Midwest Convention in Cincinnati this April, and in July we’ll be in St. Charles for the Missouri Convention.

I speak from personal experience when I say that drama is one of many fantastic ways for teenagers (homeschoolers or otherwise) to bond and work together toward a common goal. Throughout my teens, I acted in yearly drama performances with the other young people at my church (all homeschoolers!), and it was my love for that experience that first inspired me to write play scripts when I was 14.

For that reason, I’m thrilled to have the chance to exhibit at homeschool conventions this year for the first time. If you plan to be in Cincinnati or St. Charles, come by and see us! We’d be delighted to meet you in person. We’ll have sample scripts that you can look through, video recordings of past productions, and more.

In other news, we also have a great big announcement coming at the end of this week…possibly involving a new, unique line of scripts…launching January 12…

Details will come this Friday, here and on Facebook, so check back in then! If you want to be directly notified of our updates, you can follow our Facebook page, or just click the Follow button on the right sidebar here on the website to get our posts straight to your email inbox!