“Christmas at The Three Bees” Teaser + Livestream!

I am so proud of the team who gave a wonderful premiere of my newest play, “Christmas at The Three Bees,” this past Sunday! They did an amazing job, and I couldn’t be more pleased!

There are two more performances happening tonight and tomorrow, and they will be livestreamed on Facebook! I’ll be sharing the livestream on my Facebook page tonight, and it’ll only be available online for about 24 hours or a little more, so watch it while you can! The directors and actors (and crew and everyone else involved!) have put an incredible about of time and energy into the production, and it has paid off! I promise you’ll enjoy it if you have time to watch.

To give you a tiny taste of how delightful these young actors are, here’s a teaser trailer, put together from some footage taken during one of the last rehearsals. Enjoy!