Hello, {February} 2016

A lot has happened since January 1st. I attended the Society for Classical Studies conference in San Fransisco, finished editing Narrow Escape and had the scripts printed and packaged, designed business brochures, moved back to Hillsdale and reunited with college friends and professors, bought a new violin, started classes,  began teaching violin and Latin and essay writing again, performed in a masterclass with the Lark Quartet and attended their lovely concert on campus, and (just today) auditioned in the college’s annual Concerto Competition. And I turned twenty last week.

If all that can fit into one month, it’s thrilling to think how many things a year may accomplish. A few major items I can predict: I’ll write lots of papers and take lots of exams and complete my junior year of college, I’ll visit my sister in Oxford, I’ll teach Latin to some young friends back home over the summer, I’ll be at Mode Camp for a wonderful week of fellowship in July, I’ll embark on my senior year in the fall and finish all but my last semester of college by mid-December. I’ll also write many blog posts and a couple new plays and I’ll read Tacitus and Shakespeare and Dallas Willard.

img036I’m excited for 2016 and for the many expected and unexpected things that will happen. I’ll read and write, I’ll be blessed and I’ll be challenged, I’ll ache and I’ll laugh and I’ll grow.

I wish you all the best in these last eleven months of 2016.



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