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Narrow Escape: Available Now!

We are so excited! Narrow Escape is finally printed and ready for purchase. This allegorical drama portrays the willfulness of human nature and man’s reluctance to surrender the chains that bind him, yet it also demonstrates the good news that anyone can find freedom in following Christ Jesus. Unlike our Christmas dramas, Narrow Escape (as […]

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“Narrow Escape” Character List

I have exciting news as the new year rapidly approaches — our allegorical drama Narrow Escape is almost ready for purchase! As you can see, we’ve finished the cover design, and right now we’re in the final process of formatting and proofreading the script itself. Within a week we’ll be sending the play off to […]

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Page Update: “Narrow Escape”

I’ve posted a plot description and a script excerpt for our play Narrow Escape. Take a look here!

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