As Ever, Sam: Meet the characters

Thank you to all who watched yesterday’s premiere of As Ever, Sam!

For those who weren’t available to tune in yesterday, we’ll be livestreaming again when we perform the drama this Tuesday and Wednesday evening at 6:30pm (Central Time). The livestream recordings will also remain available on Facebook and YouTube for the whole month of December, so if the live performance times don’t work for your schedule, you can view the recordings later!

Important note: we’re finding that the YouTube livestream seems to be better quality than Facebook (which had a few glitches yesterday). So if both are accessible to you, I recommend you watch the drama on YouTube.

Lastly, especially if you haven’t yet watched As Ever, Sam, you may enjoy getting to know the characters ahead of time! On Facebook and Instagram I’ve been gradually introducing each character in turn, but here I’ve compiled all the introductions into one post that covers the whole cast. Plus, unlike on my social media pages, here I’m sharing pictures of each cast member in costume, so that you get a glimpse of the play’s World War II era.

I hope you enjoy meeting the characters!

Meet Sam, played by Micah.

Sam is an optimist to the core: he’s kind-hearted, gentle-natured, and able to find something to grin about in every situation. He loves his family, he’s a loyal friend, and he’s eager to do his part in the war to protect what he cares about. He was drafted straight out of high school, and now he’s been in basic training for 10 months with his new friends Gus and Kenny. But when Sam and his comrades are sent to join the combat in Europe, both their courage and their friendship are tested in ways Sam never expected.

Meet Alice, played by Sophia.

Alice is a college senior, in a day when few girls attended college at all. She’s an English major and a poetry enthusiast, with a great memory especially for words. Sometimes she underestimates herself, but her friend Eve encourages her to step outside her comfort zone. Alice has always looked out for her younger brother Sam, but soon he’ll have to board a troop ship to France and their only contact will be letters across the Atlantic. If Alice could protect him like she used to, she would. But how?

Meet Eve, played by Madeleine.

Like her friend Alice, Eve is a senior at Hudson Christian College. She majors in Biblical languages and faithfully corresponds with her young man Walter, a Marine fighting in the Pacific. Eve is discerning and empathetic, as well as practical, methodical, and proactive. The war has prevented her from planning ahead the way she’d like, so she tries to take things one day at a time, just doing what needs to be done. But right before graduation, she faces a stunning opportunity that may send her life in a whole new direction.

Meet Maryjane, played by Isabella.

Like Eve, Maryjane is a college senior with a perfect GPA, but unlike Eve, Maryjane hardly has to work for it. She’s a history major and basically a genius (and doesn’t seem to know it!). Youthful, outspoken, and full of enthusiasm, Maryjane has an undeniable gift for seeing patterns and solving problems, endlessly amazing her friends and teachers. When she’s offered a chance to use her talents for the war effort, she couldn’t be more excited. But is she prepared for the responsibility this offer will bring?

Meet Gus, played by Ethan.

Gus is Sam’s best friend and comrade-in-arms. He’s rock-solid—spiritually, mentally, emotionally—but his unshakable character can intimidate people who feel less secure themselves. Gus is a down-to-earth kind of guy, sensible, hardworking, and attentive to the needs of others. During the Depression he had to drop out of high school to help on the family farm, until in ‘43 his name came up in the draft. Now headed for Europe with Sam and Kenny, it’s his love of home that keeps Gus going…but not all his friends have the same motivation.

Meet Kenny, played by Josiah.

Kenny is…complicated. Sometimes he swaggers, sometimes he sulks, and sometimes it’s impossible to tell what he’s doing or thinking. He met Gus and Sam at military training camp, and they’re the first friends who’ve ever stuck with him. He doesn’t talk much about his family, and he wants nothing more than to be a war hero, though his reasons for that are a little unique. Kenny may get his wish, but the real question is whether he’ll push away his only friends in the process.

Meet Phoebe, played by Olivia.

Phoebe is a scientist by training, and she has worked for the Army Signal Corps since before America even entered the war. In college she was the only woman in her class studying physics and astronomy, but that didn’t stop her from honing her skills and excelling, ultimately graduating with honors. Phoebe is disciplined and conscientious, and she’s strict with herself and others. She has already experienced loss in this war, so she knows what’s at stake if she or her team members make one careless mistake.

Meet Rose, played by Emma.

Rose is a teacher at heart, with a college degree in home economics. She is patient, prudent, and humble and loves people. She’s also a brilliant analyst, with a gift for understanding systems and a special love of maps. Rose has worked closely with Phoebe ever since joining the Army Signal Corps, and over time she has learned to see past Phoebe’s sometimes stern exterior. They’ve become a strong team and, in the process, fast friends. But when new members join their team, will their unity begin to disintegrate?

Meet Gibbs, played by Brent.

Pvt. Peter Gibbs is the friend every soldier wants fighting by his side. He’s steady and servant-hearted, and he always knows how to lift others and look on the bright side of things, even in the midst of war. Of course, battle takes its toll on the sturdiest of soldiers, but Gibbs never forgets what he’s fighting for: his young wife back home and their soon-to-be firstborn she’s expecting. The daily letters she sends him keep his spirits up and continually remind him of the home that’s worth defending…at any cost.

Meet Lt. Cole, played by Rachelle.

Lt. Florence Cole is an officer in the Women’s Army Corps and a recruiter for the Army Signal Corps. She’s calm and commanding, but she has a wry sense of humor that continually surfaces in every situation. Lt. Cole has a keen eye for talent and character and a vision for what her recruits can contribute to the war effort. She takes great pride in the accomplishments of her Signal Corps girls, but she knows all too well that even their best efforts may not be enough to pull America through this terrible war.