New Skit: “Alternative Apologies”

Today we have a brand-new skit available, our second this month! The new addition, Alternative Apologies, introduces two crazy characters we expect to see more of in the future: Phoenix and Remy. These two gals are Professional Lifestyle Coaches and have quite a lot of, um…wisdom (?) to share.

Alternative Apologies

In Alternative Apologies, Phoenix and Remy are here to free us from ever having to apologize again! They have three alternatives–Staying Positive, Blaming the Other Person, and Making Excuses–that are sure to work wonders in our relationships. Take their advice for dealing with accidentally-harmed pigs and insensitive ankle comments, and your life will be flooded with sunshine. (So. Much. Sunshine.)

This comical, tongue-in-cheek skit exposes our innate reluctance to say “I’m sorry” and challenges us to seek forgiveness in humility when apologies truly are necessary. With a cast of 2 characters, both female, the skit runs 5-6 minutes in performance and requires no props.

Click here to learn more about Alternative Apologies or to buy the skit for just $16.00. And, now that Pastor Appreciation Day is just around the corner, don’t forget our other new script, Just Ask Pastor!, released earlier this month. This fun skit is designed for Pastor Appreciation services or celebrations, and it only needs three actors and minimal props. Check out Just Ask Pastor! here, and let us know if you’d like to read a preview script!


1 thought on “New Skit: “Alternative Apologies”

  1. Go Rachelle…you’re a script producing crazy woman this month! 🙂


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