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It’s that time of year! We’re halfway through August, fall is just around the corner, and it’s time to choose a play to perform at Christmastime. If your church, co-op, or school performs a drama in December, we know what you’re experiencing: that early-autumn struggle of finding a new script, one that fits your drama team and presents a meaningful message without taking itself too seriously.

For an ideal script, the list of requirements is long. Comical, but appropriate; profound, but not preachy; substantial, but doable by a young (or busy!) group of actors. And it’s a nice bonus when the number of characters is flexible, the sets are interesting but not too complicated, and the script is the perfect length for your program.

We certainly can’t promise that all our scripts will satisfy every preference of your drama team. But maybe, from our variety of topics, lengths, and more, one play will meet your needs. Among our five Christmas dramas, the number of cast members ranges from 8 to 15; duration from 15 minutes to nearly 2 hours; and setting from Jewish Bethlehem, to Victorian London, to 1950s America, to modern New England.

And, most importantly, starting today all our Christmas dramas are on sale! From August 15 through September 15, our Christmas scripts are 25% off, meaning you save $20-$40 on your purchase!

Now is the time to start researching. Click on the images below to find each script’s webpage, where you can read full character lists (with descriptions and line counts for each role) and production notes (complete with costume and prop details as well as casting information, such as which characters can be doubled or played by either gender). Also linked on each page is an excerpt from the script, where you can get a flavor for the characters and plot setup.

For now, here are the quick facts about each Christmas play:

The GiftThe Gift

Two dissatisfied children travel back in time to Bethlehem and encounter the Shepherds, the Wisemen, and finally the Nativity itself.

Number of Characters: 8-12

Running Time: 15-20 minutes






Padlock Homes and the Case of the Missing Splinter

Padlock Homes and the Case of the Missing Splinter

On Christmas Eve, Padlock Homes and Dr. Arson are summoned to a convent to solve the mystery of a sacred relic gone missing.

Number of Characters: 10

Running Time: 20-25 minutes





Rejected: The Inside StoryRejected: The Inside Story

When an author enters her own mystery novel, her characters behave in strange ways and ultimately put her on trial for the crime she wrote.

Number of Characters: 13-14

Running Time: Approx. 60 minutes






The Twelve Months of Christmas

The Twelve Months of Christmas

The girls at Charlotte Holland’s boarding school attempt to make Christmas last all year long, but the arrival of several long-lost uncles complicates matters.

Number of Characters: 15

Running Time: Approx. 100 minutes






Christmas at The Three BeesChristmas at The Three Bees

As rumor of a distinguished visitor races through town, B&B owners Luke and Bethany encounter nosy friends, surprising guests, and a problematic snowfall that overturn all their plans.

Number of Characters: 12

Running Time: Approx. 100 minutes





Don’t wait! If one of these scripts peaks your interest, look into the details and contact us if you have any questions—then get your order in before regular prices return on September 16!

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