Padlock Homes and the Case of the Missing Splinter


And hereby we know that He abideth in us, by the spirit which He hath given us. (1 John 3:24)

The Sisters of St. Mary’s Convent are flung into turmoil when a cherished relic disappears on Christmas Eve. Their revered “Splinter” must be recovered — and only Detective Padlock Homes can solve the case and rescue the convent’s jeopardized Christmas.

Homes, with the help of his colleague Dr. Arson and police detective Inspector Distraught, comes to the aid of the distressed nuns, seeking an explanation for the strange disappearance. The mystery’s solution, however, surprises them all, ultimately pointing them to Christ’s love and reminding them of the impact His coming makes upon their daily lives.

With quirky characters and a unique setting, this drama delivers an honest message that encourages Christians to make the character of Jesus their primary aspiration. The play has a cast of 10 characters and runs 20-25 minutes. See Product Description below for links to the play’s production notes and an excerpt from the script.

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Purchase includes one package of 11 scripts (10 cast members + director) and performance license.

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20-25 minutes