Last Week in Oxford

I’m home! (After what felt like a very short three weeks!) I’m thankful both to have gone and to have come home.

Now that the long weekend is past and I’m back to work, I’m finally able to post the last of my photos from the final week of my trip. I’ve uploaded a whole album on our Facebook page (complete with commentary and anecdotes, rest assured), but here are a few pictures to give you at least a glimpse of the week.

Enjoying a quiet morning from the kitchen in The Vines
Coffee and quality time together at Combibos
Wisteria blooming at LaRae’s college, University College
One more punting trip with friends, on my last day in Oxford
Home again! I’m reminded that rural Illinois can be pretty too, in its own way.

You can view the full collection of photos from my trip on our Facebook page!


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