New Best-Value Pricing System

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A photo from the premiere of our newest play, The Twelve Months of Christmas

That’s right—we at Kittywham Productions have completely restructured the pricing system for our plays, tailoring the buying options to customers’ needs, and at a lower cost than ever before. For instance, our best seller Rejected, previously valued at $249.00, is now available for just $130!

In the past, we offered only one purchase option for each of our dramas: you’d receive a package of scripts along with a license giving you permission to perform the play up to four times. However, since many drama teams only intend to give a single performance of the play, or perhaps two or three, this wasn’t the most practical, economical option.

That’s why we’ve created new flexibility in the buying options for each play: now you can purchase the script package with a license for just one performance—at about half the price of our old purchase option. (If needed, with an added royalty fee you can get a license for two, three, or more performances, depending on your unique plans for your group.)

So check out our best deals ever at the links below! (And look for a special announcement in a few days about our newest release, The Twelve Months of Christmas!)

Rejected: The Inside Story

Padlock Homes and the Case of the Missing Splinter

The Gift


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