Hello, 2017

The teens at God’s Missionary Church in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, performed “Rejected” this Christmas (more pictures below)

I regret not having had time to post on the blog this fall, but plenty has been going on at Kittywham Productions! I wrote a new Christmas play, The Twelve Months of Christmas, which had its premiere this December, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the production. Eventually, once I work through the proofreading, designing, and printing stages, the script will be available here on the website. I’m in the process of preparing The (Reimagined) Book of Daniel for purchase as well, so stay tuned!

We also launched a new product this fall, a twist on our Plays with a Punch: Skits on Sticks. These are short, fun stories to be performed with puppets, which you make by cutting out cartoon characters and taping them to wooden dowels. I draw all the cartoons myself and include them all in one PDF document that also contains the script for the puppet show. For most of the shows, it only takes one or two people to control the puppets and narrate. We have our first Skit available for $15.00, David and the Philistine of Unusual Size. It’s a parody of The Princess Bride by way of the Biblical story of David and Goliath — which is a bit crazy, as you might expect! We have a complete video recording of the puppet show here, so you can see for yourself what a Skit on Sticks looks like! We hope to offer more puppet shows before too long.


Of all our dramas, Rejected: The Inside Story was our most-performed play this year. I was  thrilled to receive some pictures from Impact Youth Ministry of God’s Missionary Church in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, one group that produced the drama this December. It looks like they put on a great performance! I love the letter sweaters, leather jackets, and poodle skirts.


Apart from my playwriting this fall, I’ve also had a full semester at Hillsdale College — leaving me only one more semester before I graduate! I still haven’t wrapped my brain around that yet. At any rate, I filled up my time this fall with classes on ancient Greek literature, modern American literature, poetry, and graphic design, plus music lessons and ensembles. This school year I started working for the college’s External Affairs department as a student writer, which has been a great experience. I’m also preparing a senior thesis on the novel Our Mutual Friend, so my winter break is mostly being spent making outlines and reading biographies and articles. Which reminds me that I should probably . . . get back to work. So thanks for reading, and happy 2017!



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