Ask the Actors: “Rejected”

It’s hard to believe it’s already been over two weeks since I last posted here! My apologies for being Absent Without Leave. . . . I was on Spring Break with my parents visiting my sister in the UK, and we had such a full schedule walking all around Oxford, London, Windsor, Nottingham and more, that I literally did not have a spare half-hour to write a blog post. And then this past week I’ve been getting back into my class- and study-schedule at Hillsdale, trying to get over jet lag, and fighting a bad cold.

But now I’m finally getting back on track. And today I have for you the second video in our “Ask the Actors” series! The video focuses on our drama Rejected: The Inside Story, which was inspired by John 1:11 — He came unto his own, and his own received him not. Many thanks to Josiah and Noah, the young men featured in this video, who have both performed in a production of Rejected. I’ll leave the rest for them to tell you!

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