Feature: Grace Hertz

GetFileAttachmentGrace Hertz, double majoring in Music and English, is currently a senior at Hillsdale College. She’s a beautiful flute player and pianist. Grace is also the head RA in my dorm, and she’s such a sweet mentor and friend to every one of the girls here, always interested in our lives and giving us encouraging words for whatever our situation is.

Why I came to Hillsdale: As a senior in high school, I was drawn to Hillsdale’s emphasis on objective truth and the high academic expectations.

Campus involvement: RA in Whitley, student ambassador, Hillsdale Wind Symphony, accompanist

Career aspirations: Arts administration

Post-graduation plans: I plan to go to graduate school next year to pursue my masters degree in arts administration, hopefully at Indiana University in Bloomington.

Hobbies: I love finding new music, reading, and binge-watching shows on Netflix (not sure where this classifies as a ‘hobby’ or a vice… 🙂 )

A favorite work of literature: The Great Gatsby




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