Feature: Micah Meadowcroft

Micah Meadowcroft
Photo credit: Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Hillsdale College senior Micah Meadowcroft  is earning his degree in History with a Journalism minor. Micah is an excellent writer and critic, and for several semesters I’ve been privileged to work on the Tower Light’s editorial board with Micah and learn from his artistic insights. (You can read a poem written by Micah here — on page 17 of the Spring 2015 Tower Light publication.)

Why I came to Hillsdale: I  had the opportunity to make an extended visit to Hillsdale while in high school, and the community that I saw here and was invited to join exhibited an incredible love for life, learning, and one another.

Campus involvement: I am the associate editor for the Collegian and have been involved with the paper my whole Hillsdale career. I write for the Forum, the Collegiate Network sponsored student magazine, as well. I am the vice president of the Symposium, an ISI chapter organizing book groups, conference trips, and lectures. I am the co-president of the Fairfield Society, a student lecture group. I am also on the editorial board of the Tower Light, the campus literary magazine.

Career aspirations: I want to write as journalist, essayist, novelist, and playwright, and have adventures.

Post-graduation plans: I will be interning as a copy editor this summer before venturing into the wild blue yonder of potential unemployment.

Hobbies: In addition to writing, I act. I have participated in theatre for most of my life and hope to continue acting in some capacity for the rest of it, whether that be on stage or screen or up.

A favorite work of literature: Gaudy Night, by Dorothy L. Sayers. Oxford, academia, feminism, true love, class, crime, detection, and writing. I cannot ask for more.


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