Tag: Why Drama?

A Toddler in a Lion Suit: Cultivating Dreams

White sheets for snow, Christmas tree skirts for capes, a tent for a cave. The White Witch in a wedding dress, and a three-year-old Aslan in a lion suit.

I was reminiscing last week as I rewatched video recordings of some of the first plays I ever acted in.

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What “Discipleship through Drama” Looks Like

Kittywham Productions has a tagline that only appears on one or two pages of our site. But it’s a phrase that carries rich meaning: “Discipleship through Drama.” “Discipleship” gets a fair amount of airtime in Christian circles, which I think is good, although I wonder if sometimes it becomes a vague, almost mystical concept. As […]

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“The Purpose of Playing”: Hamlet on Mirrors and Sawing the Air

Lately I’ve been rereading Hamlet and freshly remembering the play’s challenges, questions, and lessons. It’s Shakespeare’s longest drama and probably his most famous, understandably. I studied Hamlet my senior year of high school and in four different classes during my time at Hillsdale College—and the play never gets old. I guess that makes this my fifth reread, […]

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