Rejected: The Inside Story (DVD)


Full performance of Rejected: The Inside Story by the youth of the Wesleyan Bible Holiness Church, December 2012.

(Originally titled “An Uncommon Christmas Story” at its premiere.)

Duration: 65 minutes.

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An uncommon Christmas story…

One December night, aspiring mystery writer Nicole finds herself suddenly plunged inside her own novel. During her encounters with the bumbling, self-assured characters of her story, she begins to learn what it means to be doubted—even rejected—by her own creation.

The incompetent Detective Breckenridge and his capable assistant, Georgia Harrison, find themselves strangely interrupted in their investigation of theft and treason by a disregarded maid named Nicole. While they interrogate suspects and examine clues, this prying maid reveals a thorough knowledge of the case that baffles them. Who is this Miss Pearson anyway? And why on earth does she call herself their author?

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Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Time period: 1940s – 1950s