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I Have Nothing to Write

Writing a new play always hammers this truth back into my head: I have nothing to write.

I know—I’m a writer. I write things. It’s what I do. But the truth remains that I really have nothing to write.

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“Yeah, we sound like actual lunatics.”

A few lines robbed of their contexts, from my current play-in-progress:

“At least you don’t get thrown to sharks.”

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5 Resources for Writers and Readers

I’m in the thick of multiple writing projects this week, so instead of doing a proper blogpost myself today, I thought I’d share with you some blogs (and books) that I read. Some of these I first encountered years ago, others within the last few months. But each of these websites, curricula, or writing craft […]

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Imitate Me: Faramir, Fanny, and Other Characters I Loved

When I first read The Lord of the Rings in junior high, Faramir was probably my favorite character. I admired his quiet faithfulness, humility, courage, and care for others. Moreover, I felt I could relate to him as a younger sibling with an extraordinary, high-achieving older sibling, especially since, at that time, I was battling feelings of insecurity and […]

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22 Things I Learned as a 22-Year-Old

This week I turn 23, so I decided to take some time to trace the last year and come up with a list of various things I learned (or discovered, or experienced for the first time) while I was 22. I’ll admit, I stole this idea from another blogger (from whom I’ve been reading for…eight […]

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This Year, “Make Perfect Your Will”

Writer and teacher Jonathan Rogers shared a perceptive, persuasive short post on his blog at the close of 2018, encouraging his readers to approach the new year with a new mindset—one that prioritizes “process” over “results.” Though his post was chiefly aimed at writers, I think his insight applies to us all. I recommend his […]

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What “Discipleship through Drama” Looks Like

Kittywham Productions has a tagline that only appears on one or two pages of our site. But it’s a phrase that carries rich meaning: “Discipleship through Drama.” “Discipleship” gets a fair amount of airtime in Christian circles, which I think is good, although I wonder if sometimes it becomes a vague, almost mystical concept. As […]

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National Author's Day

National Author’s Day 2018

Ever heard of National Author’s Day? Me neither, until recently. About a week ago, I learned that November 1st is a national holiday set aside to honor authors, and right away I knew I wanted to celebrate it here on the blog. Put simply, the stories I read as I grew up shaped my soul. […]

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3 Truths about Writing: What I Learned Reading Stories by Middle Schoolers

On Friday, I was able to help out at the Southern Illinois A.C.E. Junior Convention as a writing judge. I’d judged last year as well and was delighted to participate again. I go and read the kids’ stories, use a grading rubric to score the entries, and finally write some comments for each student. And for […]

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The Writing Process: How to Storyboard a Script

After emerging from an intense script-writing season, I’ve been reflecting on my writing process, pondering what techniques worked and what didn’t. I certainly have plenty to improve on and new methods I want to try, but I thought I’d share one technique that helped me as I wrote my latest play. The Storyboard Isn’t storyboarding […]

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