“As Ever, Sam” Cast Q&A

Back in January, we did a Q&A session with the whole cast of my WW2 drama As Ever, Sam. It’s taken me a while to get to it, but this month I’ve finally been turning that Q&A recording into a series of YouTube videos. I’ve LOVED revisiting both the play itself and the insights each of the actors shared about it!

Though this cast is young, they already have a remarkable amount of onstage experience. Some of them have been performing together since LITERALLY the age of three or four. Now as young adults with dozens of productions behind them, they’re able to speak about the art of theater with true wisdom (and with lots of laughter, of course!).

So far I’ve shared three videos in this Cast Q&A series, and I’m planning for about eight videos in total. In Part 1 of the series, the cast shared a few of their favorite lines from As Ever, Sam and described why those lines were so meaningful.

In Part 2, the cast discussed the pros and cons of performing to a live audience—how the audience can energize or distract you, and how the pressure of live performance can help you get into character.

And in Part 3, which we just posted today, the cast talks about how they’ve become a tight-knit team, both on and off stage.

I hope you enjoy getting to hear personally from these wonderful actors and actresses! I plan to keep sharing videos about once a week until the series is complete, so be sure to subscribe to the Kittywham Productions YouTube channel so that you’ll know as new videos are posted!



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