Encore performance of “The Return of Ben Morgenstern”—This Wednesday!

IMG_7130 2
Christopher, Ruthie, Clara, & Hazel in Charleston

Encore performance? That’s right! This coming Wednesday, Dec. 18, at 6:30pm, we’re adding one last showing of The Return of Ben Morgenstern at the Wesleyan Church in Salem!

If you missed our earlier performances this week, then you have another chance to catch the drama this Wednesday! Or if you already came but want to see it again, you’re more than welcome a second time. Here are some pictures from the first three performances, and from them you can get a glimpse of how awesome our set and costume teams are!

(As for our special effects guys, you really have to come in person to understand how awesome they are… They make a storm at sea pretty scary, if you ask me!)

IMG_7120 2
George & Mrs. Doran onboard the Arabian
IMG_7112 2
Clara, Dora Belle, & Lula Ann

You also have to come in person (or watch the recording—we’ve live-streamed all three performances so far and they’re available on the Kittywham Productions Facebook page!) in order to understand how awesome these actors are. Each one of these young adults has done theater for quite a few years, most of them since they were tiny, since our church has been performing Christmas dramas for something like 14 years now! I know these teens well and I know they’re amazing, and yet I was honestly blown away by how well they communicated this play. They portray the characters with an energy and a depth that went above and beyond my expectations.

IMG_7104 2
Christopher & Ruthie
IMG_7116 2
George, Mrs. Doran, & Ben

So come support this incredible group of young people and enjoy a drama full of suspense, humor, lovable characters, and themes we pray you’ll be pondering long after the curtains close. We look forward to seeing you Wednesday at 6:30!

IMG_7138 2
Lula Ann, Hazel, & Dora Belle