The Christmas Play Lineup: “The Twelve Months of Christmas”


Just one week left of our 20% Off Christmas Play Sale! For our fifth and final feature this month, we’re highlighting The Twelve Months of Christmas.

The drama is set in New England in 1906, and here’s the basic storyline:

Charlotte Holland is struggling to manage all her responsibilities as headmistress of her boarding school for girls. But when the girls realize just how much their teacher sacrifices for their sake, they decide to treat every day as if it were Christmas and show Miss Holland how much she is loved.

Their year-long Christmas project, however, meets a challenge when all of Miss Holland’s long-lost uncles decide to show up in the same week. One of them—Morris Holland—holds a deep grudge against Charlotte’s late father and is willing to destroy everything she has worked for in order to get his hands on the family fortune. Charlotte and her girls must decide who to trust and how to keep Christmas alive throughout the year while Morris is trying to undermine what holds them together.

The Twelve Months of Christmas

The play has a cast of 15 characters (8 female, 7 male), and it runs approximately 100 minutes in performance. For information about casting, props, costumes, and sound effects, you can read the play’s Production Notes. For descriptions of the characters, including a count of how many lines each one speaks, check out the play’s Character List. And lastly, if you want to read an excerpt from the script, here’s a Script Sample containing the play’s first scene!

If you’re interested in further information about The Twelve Months of Christmas or have any questions, we’d love to hear from you! You can message us through our Contact page or simply send an email to Our 20% discount ends October 1st at midnight!



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