Mr. Masters’ Absence: New script coming July 9!

So there’s this project I’ve been working on for a while…and today I get to share with you what it is!


We have a new script coming out in four weeks! The official release date is July 9, when it’ll become available for purchase in the online shop. Right now we’re just wrapping up the edits and formatting details—you can see the cover design is done!—and the last step is sending it off to the printer.

I’m pretty pumped for this script, partly because it’ll be the first full-length play we’ve released in a year! We’ve published several skits since Christmas at The Three Bees came out last July, but Mr. Master’s Absence runs roughly 50 minutes in performance, has a cast of about 15 players, and can be performed at any time of the year. I can’t tell you anything about the plot or characters yet, sadly, but I bet you can guess the setting from the design of the cover. Any theories?

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to release day!



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