New “Videos” Page: Recordings of Past Performances All in One Place!

Version 4

“Is there a place online where we can watch performances of your plays?”

After getting this question several times at conventions this year, I figured it was time to create an easy answer.

Yes! There is. In the past, I’ve shared links to performances of my dramas sporadically in blogposts, but now is the first time I’ve collected all those links and others and I’ve assembled them in one place for you to access. New today is our Videos¬†page on the website, where you’ll find the full collection of available online video recordings of our dramas.

While we currently have access to only six recordings, we do have over 200 photos from these and many more productions, which you can find on our Pinterest page! Whether you’re performing one of our scripts or are just interested in getting costume and set ideas for your own drama production, check out our boards on Pinterest for lots of dramatic inspiration, and you can follow our page to keep up with new pins as we add them.


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