Jesus, What a Beautiful Name: Singing Christmas Tree 2018

Singing Christmas Tree 2018

I’m back in the office today after our whirlwind trip to Florida this weekend! Hobe Sound Bible Church’s 2018 Singing Christmas Tree is now history, but the recording is still available here on the church’s website for you to watch.

I’m so glad they make a video recording of the show for long-distance viewing, but what a special experience it was to attend in person! The music touched hearts and lifted eyes to Jesus, and the drama team communicated the message with wonderful energy. I feel incredibly privileged to have played a small part in this production by writing the script for their drama.

Special thanks to music director (and old friend!) Lucas Ryder, with whom I collaborated to create the drama. The story was his vision, and I simply developed it into a script. He’s awesome to work with, and his design to knit together the music and the drama into one cohesive presentation¬†succeeded beautifully.

If you haven’t yet watched¬†Jesus, What a Beautiful Name, I encourage you to check it out online. It’s an uplifting way to enter the Advent season!

Singing Christmas Tree 2018


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