NEW Today: Pastor Appreciation Skit!

Just Ask Pastor!Now that September has arrived, it’s (obviously) time to plan for October, right? And, as I’m sure we all know, October is Pastor Appreciation Month! In honor of that fact, today we’re releasing a brand new script—a pastor appreciation skit!

Written specially to honor pastors. Just Ask Pastor! is a short, two-scene play that runs about 6-10 minutes and involves 3 or more performers. If you’re looking for a funny but meaningful little skit to perform next month at a Pastor Appreciation service or celebration, then this new script is for you!

Here’s a quick plot summary:

Pastor Paul and his wife Sara look forward to a rare, quiet day at home…but one church member can’t leave them alone! Gloria calls with question after question, until the surprising reason for her calls is finally revealed.

This comical skit reminds us that pastors carry a heavy load and sometimes would rather delegate than make every decision themselves. With just three characters (1 male, 2 female) and very few, simple props, Just Ask Pastor! is easy to perform and entertaining to watch. Plus, the casting is flexible: if you want to involve more people, there’s room for several extras, but only three performers are strictly necessary.

Interested? The script is available here in our Shop. If you want to read through this pastor appreciation skit before making up your mind, just message us through our Contact Page or send an email to, and we can show you a preview script so you can decide whether it’s what you’re looking for!

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