Christmas at The Three Bees: Available Now!


In a quiet town in snowy New Hampshire, one piece of gossip causes quite a stir.

Rumor of a distinguished visitor makes The Three Bees Inn & Bookshop a bustling place on this December day. The owners, Bethany and her brother Luke, find their little place flooded with friends and guests of all kinds, some expected, others not. The prickly Mounce family seems immune to kindness, and the enigmatic stranger named Nick is suspected of dark designs.

In both cases Luke steps in to do what good he can, while Bethany prepares for the arrival of their prestigious visitor. Between dissatisfied guests, family tension, and a problematic snowfall, however, this day does not turn out as planned, and Bethany and Luke must reconsider their ideas of hospitality and relationship if they hope to resolve the conflict around them.


Happy release day! Our newest script, Christmas at The Three Bees, is hot off the press and now available in our Shop! At approximately the same length as our last Christmas play, The Twelve Months of Christmas, our new drama likewise starts at $120, a price that covers one full package of paperback scripts (enough for all cast members plus the director) and the royalty fee for a single public performance. If you plan for your drama team to give multiple performances of the play, simply choose from the options given when you add the script to your cart and a small royalty fee will be added for each extra performance you indicate.

Christmas at The Three Bees clocks in as our longest script to date (just beating The Twelve Months of Christmas by a few pages) with a running time of about 100 minutes. Our new play comprises half as many scenes as The Twelve Months—five as opposed to ten—but the scenes last longer. A medium-sized cast of 12 characters runs Christmas at The Three Bees, and their costumes are simple. Further information about props, required sound and lighting effects, and casting suggestions will soon be posted on the script’s product page.

There you have the basics! Check back in tomorrow for more details about the plot and characters.






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