Coming Soon: Drama No. 5

AfterIMG_3740 about four weeks, three drafts, and 8,500 words, I’ve reached the final stage in my work on a new play! The (Reimagined) Book of Daniel will be joining Kittywham’s publications soon. You can guess from the title what the play’s basic idea is, and I’ll be able to share more details about the storyline and characters in a couple of weeks. This is the first time I’ve written a drama that retells a story from the Bible, so I’m excited to be able to explore layers of Daniel’s story that we often miss when reading the account from the Old Testament. This new play also has a bigger cast than any drama I’ve written so far, with 22 characters.

Within a month or so I’ll be able to give a more thorough description, but first I’m finishing edits and designing a cover. Stay tuned for updates!



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