“Evening Radiance”

1930460_38070008520_970_nIs anyone else enjoying summer? Sure, right now it’s a bit too hot and humid for comfort (at least here in southern Illinois), but still, we have had some delightful days lately.

Here is a very short, very simple poem I wrote recently, which I hope you enjoy.

Evening Radiance

  a cloud peachy-furred and -sunned
at summer’s eight o’clock
a whispery whittling of the swing’s
venerable chain links and
a stitched iris in the poetry of David
open on my crossed legs
gauzy pages billowed by the breeze


1 thought on ““Evening Radiance”

  1. I thought I didn’t like poetry…then you started writing. I see it, I smell it, I taste it. You’re a wordsmith, Chelley.


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